Angle Bars

Angle Bars

We at Ferro Fabrik Limited are engaged in manufacturing and trading high-quality angle bars. These bars are used in a variety of building constructions. They are also referred to as L-bracket and angle iron used for beam support, ceiling support, wall studs, or railings. Also, we are supplying these steel bars depending on the design of architecture and structures. Being a proprietorship firm in Tema, Ghana, we have established steady relations with vendors. We offer them a qualitative range of iron bars which are manufactured with global set standards. Construction of residential and commercial buildings by keeping strength-to-weight ratios can be carried out with these products.

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Our team and infrastructure

Ferro Fabrik Limited is backed by a diligent team of experts. They strive to manufacture and deliver impeccable quality products. Our professionals have successfully adapted modern standards and ethics in building iron bars. We supported these steel and iron bars at the most common 90-degree angles. Also, our modern infrastructural area has essential machinery and equipment in order to maximize the production of angle bars. Apart from substantial production capacities, our infrastructure is divided into production, procurement, quality testing, and logistics departments.

Why choose Ferro Fabrik Limited?Manufacturing highly reliable angle bars with diverse specifications is our specialty. We follow ethical business policies which influence us to maintain quality over quantity. Also, the qualified team of our professionals has a feasible approach for the timely delivery of finished products. Our bars are also versatile as they can deliver a number of advantages. No matter which industry you belong to, these bars can be used for low-intensive applications to major building constructions. These iron bars are also used as primary components in railway lines, vehicles, and in a variety of modular shelving designs.

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We care for our customers, at Ferrofabrik Limited, we believe that customer service is just as important as the quality of our products. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support.

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